FutaErotica – Pirate Island

Pirate Island

Aboard the pirate ship “Booty Hunter”, dickgirl captain Jackie Sparrow has her way with her first mate. Meanwhile a busty crew member searches the island for treasure finding a horny native girl who is eager to please. Enjoy 21 minutes of animation and 50 hi-res images in this FutaErotica episode.

What’s Included:

50 high-quality images in PDF format

21 minutes total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format. Video is very high quality and compressed with latest optimization software producing a crisp and clean look at a minimal file size.

Zip file: 318mb

About the Author

JT2XTREME - Erotic Digital Artist. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or ideas you might have involving new releases. I am steadily working on creating new products each month so visit back periodically or subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. Thanks for your interest in JT2XTREME.com!

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