FutaErotica – Law & Order

Law & Order

Follow the justice system from the street, courtroom, and finally jail.

Chapter 1. A well stacked burglar gets apprehended by a police officer who’s packing more than standard issue weapons.

Chapter 2. Courtroom drama ensues as the judge is not pleased when the criminal and her attorney decide to try a different tactic in their defense. It’s not long however as the judge decides to join in on the action. Unfortunately the defense’s tactic is overruled as she declares a guilty verdict.

Chapter 3. Now in jail our convicted felon seems to be enjoying her prison sentence with her new cellmate. They have plenty of time on their hands so they keep busy romping around the cellblock.

Enjoy 27 minutes of animation and 50 hi-res images in this FutaErotica episode.

What’s Included:

50 high-quality images in PDF format

27 minutes total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format. Video is very high quality and compressed with latest optimization software producing a crisp and clean look at a minimal file size.

Zip file: 485mb

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