FutaErotica Futa Airlines

Futa Airlines

Fly the friendly skies on a private charter jet flown by 2 sexy pilots and a stewardess who provides for your every need. Our passenger today is a rich busty blond who is use to the finer things in life and takes full advantage of every amenity Futa Airlines has to offer. Enjoy 24 minutes and 50 high resolution images in this latest FutaErotica episode.

Enjoy 24 minutes of animation and 50 hi-res images in this FutaErotica episode.

What’s Included:

50 high-quality images in PDF format

24:15 minutes total length high-res HD720 video with audio in MP4 format. Video is very high quality and compressed with latest optimization software producing a crisp and clean look at a minimal file size.

Zip file: 381mb


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JT2XTREME - Erotic Digital Artist. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or ideas you might have involving new releases. I am steadily working on creating new products each month so visit back periodically or subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. Thanks for your interest in JT2XTREME.com!

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